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Talking Routines: Lieke & Jetteke van Lexmond

Talking Routines: Lieke & Jetteke van Lexmond

Leben nach der Energie des Mondes – Das ist es, was Lieke und Jetteke van Lexmond seit einigen Jahren tun – und was ihr Leben zurück zu den Wurzeln des Daseins brachte. Mit ihrem Moon Calendar teilen die beiden Schwestern ihr Wissen mit der Welt. Wir haben die selbsternannten “Moonsisters” zum Interview getroffen und mit ihnen über ihre persönlichen Routinen und Rituale gesprochen.

1. What’s the first thing you do after waking up in the morning?

First kiss our husbands.

Lieke: Yeah, that’s a good start instead of picking up the phone. So first saying good morning to our husbands and of course our children. We both have two boys. And then we start our morning routine. First, we use our Full Moon rose spray. This Full Moon spray is made of Italian mountain water and pure rose under the moon light with loads of rose quarts. The smell and the feeling is amazing. And then it’s time for our skincare. At 8:30 AM we go out to school with the kids. And then our morning really starts. 

Jetteke: Then we have some time for selfcare. Lieke likes to do pilates. I go for yoga. We do some meditation and get a matcha latte. I also love to do cold water swimming. It’s fantastic. Something happens when you’re in the water. You can leave things there. I always say: When I swim, I leave everything behind that’s not mine and also everything that doesn’t uplift me. I come out of the water and I feel so reborn everyday.

Lieke: And of course we tear off the moon calendar every morning, to see which energy will guide us today.

2. What’s your favorite time of the day – and why?

I have to be honest: My favorite time of the day is the moment the kids are in school. There ist this quiet in the house and I got some me time. Even if it’s just 30 minutes. I love to read a book or write stuff down. That moment for me is magic.

Jetteke: I also love that moment a lot, but I also appreciate lying on the couch, cuddling with my family. It’s my favorite. And of course a beautiful weekend brunch.

3. What is your work philosophy?

It’s a lot of reflection. Why do we do it, how do we do it. And we also changed a lot in our working routines in the last years. A lot is now freelance based. We travel a lot and love to meet people. So for us it’s really important to have the time to do things we love instead of having to be in the office at 9 AM. The moment you make choices with your heart it goes more easy and there’s more love in the work. 

Lieke: It’s another way of thinking. It’s not working on force, it’s working with the flow. We have to practice what we preach, so we went back to the core. We do more in less hours. We are more inspired and got our freedom back. We just trust the flow. Things that have to happen will happen. I mean, we work really hard but it’s not forced. It feels natural and it makes fun. We do believe that working with beautiful people makes the day. 

4. Is it easy for you to work together as sisters or are there times when you get on each other's nerves? 

Like the moon we also go through phases. The moon has a huge impact on our personal rhythm – especially on the circle of women.

Jetteke: Yes, it’s like a rollercoaster. But I think we are very good sisters and we are best friends. Especially when the pressure is going up, it’s challenging how to deal with it, how to balance between being colleagues and being sisters. But I think we found our way. For example: We try not to talk too much about work in our private time.

Lieke: And we’re always honest. I mean, we have different priorities in some points. So it’s always important to discuss things together. We respect each other and know what we need. We have the same goal and for me it’s the most important thing that my family is happy. And I’m really happy that we share the same passion. 

5. Do you have “moon routines” you never miss? Do you always do them together?

Every new moon we feel like we have to write down intentions. It really is a chance to change things. 

Jetteke: Yes, it always feels like New Year. Because of the new moon, we have 12 times a year the possibility to write down our intentions. You can choose what you want to leave behind and where you wanna go. You can also look back and see what worked out. You are more in charge of your life. 

Lieke: And also the full moon has its own power. We make a beautiful ceremony, where we write down things and then burn the paper to leave it behind. 

Jetteke: We also created the moon intention notebook. I use it a lot to write down my new moon intentions. It’s a personal book for my growth. 

Lieke: Lot’s of weekends we are together and we love to share our moon experiences. Also with our husbands and kids. It’s so nice to see them grow up with all that moon wisdom. They don't think it’s crazy at all. 

6. Is there anything we can learn from the moon regarding the food we eat or how we should treat our body in general?

We agree with the fact that you are what you eat. That’s why we love what ROOTINE is doing.

Lieke: It’s so important how you treat your body and your mind. We also try to be aware of what we eat. Your body needs energy and that’s why you should listen to its needs. 

Jetteke: Moon-wise it’s really easy. From new moon to full moon the energy is getting up. It’s the perfect time for hydrating. So if you add collagen in your coffee, everything holds better. From the full moon to the new moon you can get rid of things. It’s amazing for detox and letting things go. Also, every sign has its own part of the body. And depending in which sign the moon is, that part of the body is more sensitive. 

Lieke: For example: The taurus is the sign of the thorax and the throat. We felt it works to use thyme for a stiff neck or a sore throat on days the moon is in this sign. So you can use different herbs to balance the sensitive parts regarding the star sign the moon is in.

7. How does the moon influencer our feelings?

We are all energy. We are all nature. In school we learn that humans are on the top of the pyramid. But that’s not logical. The moment you realize that we are all part of nature and there is no such thing as a pyramid then you are in balance and the world is beautiful again. Most of the time people only get there when something in their life is going wrong. We found out that the moon calendar is perfect to tune in. It’s super easy. You read something every morning and you start with a different feeling. You may feel uptight and realize: it’s not because of me – it’s the overall energy. 

Lieke: Tuning in the rhythm of nature, you get more aware and kind. Kind to yourself and also kind to people around you. If you don’t try to push things all the time, life is more relaxed. We all have our own struggles. If you have a horrible message, then you have a horrible day, everything is black.

Jetteke: But it can be even more black if the energy of the universe is more uptight. When you are in a very difficult time it could feel a little bit lighter, if the energy is high. Life is not a flat line. You always have a choice on how to deal with things. Use it for your road. There is a lesson even in the most difficult time. And there is a lot of growth. Humans go through phases like the moon goes through phases. We always stay complete, but not all parts are shining at the same time.

8. What advice would you give people who want to learn more about the moon and its powers? 

Start with our moon calendar. We really tune into the energy of every day. It’s soft, it’s easy. It's not heavy material. 

Lieke: We really read a lot and learned a lot. In the moon calendar we tried to bring all that back to the core. Bring it back to the things you really need – and that is the energy of the moon. There are of course wonderful websites. But we tried to bring back all the information in one tool and show how to feel good, manage your feelings and to get the best out of the day. 

Jetteke: There is a time and a place for everything. And of course people have their own rhythms. With the moon calendar you can find back to your own. 

9. Any moony tips or lessons you want to share with the world?

Live from the heart and use your heart as a compass. Try to be aware of nature. And dare to be silent sometimes. Just see –you will start feeling and make the right choices.

Jetteke: And dare to be like the moon. Embrace all the phases in your life. Don’t be afraid of the darker parts – be aware of them and try to learn from them. When you open up for it, the light will come through. 

10. What's your favorite ROOTINE treat?

The pistachio nut paste is SO delicious. I love it. And the matcha juice.

Lieke: I really loved the shake with the blue spirulina in it. It was so beautiful and the taste was amazing. And André also made a personal shake for us. Our boys also love the homemade granola! It’s a pity we don’t live around the corner. We would be in the store every day! It’s simply the best for body and mind. 

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